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tv   1968 - America in Turmoil 2018 Medias Role  CSPAN  December 31, 2018 6:03am-7:35am EST

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newspapers in circulation,
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in 1968, 60 2.5 million
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americans received a newspaper in the morning or afternoon. according to pew research, that number is down by 20enter with s
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about to nominate vice president hubert humphrey. [video clip] >> demonstrators that get into the lobby of the hilton hotel. i assume that this film is even longer than the last videotape we saw. this was before the national guard was called. that would put it at about two and a half hours ago. >> wisconsin. tomr. chairman, most delegates at this convention do not know that thousands of young
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people are being beaten in the streets of chicago. and for that reason, and that result in alone -- and that reason alone, i request suspension of the rules for the purpose of adjournment for two conventionlocate the in another city of the choosing of the democratic and mesh -- democratic national committee.
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country, but what political party was torn apart. outside the convention center, reporters were being beaten up by mayor dallas police because they were simply -- mayor daley's police because they were simply doing a job. walter conchahost: rubber, thane
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call. ut to perfectly what i wanted to talk about next, which was a koerner report. what actually happened in our cities. there is a radio-television coverage of the riots. news media has failed to report adequately on these problems.
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w from those photographs. there was a hell of a lot more. probably one of the reasons campaign.ed his host:host: one more moment from the democratic convention in chicago courteous of cbs news. the trouble.te: >> is there going to be any delay in this convention as a result of what's going on downtown? as >> i >> told the other fella, i've been waiting with the delegation.i haven't and watching television -- been watching television.
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i understand there's the trouble. -- there is trouble. >> some are deciding not to walk out tonight, but not to come back tomorrow because of what they call police state tactics being used around the convention hall and downtown. >> i sure people, there is security -- i usher people, there is secure -- i assure people, there is security here. we will nominate the next president of the united states. chairman of the democratic figures. >> i'm a candidate -- there will be a candidate nominated for president tonight, vice president tomorrow night. host: marvin kalb with his
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signature red tie. photographer
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